Wisconsin Supreme Court Takes Up Trump Case Today After Circuit Court Judge Dismissed It

The Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear a case today about the corruption in the election process in two of Wisconsin’s largest and Democrat led counties.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has announced it will take up a Trump case today that was thrown out by a Circuit Court:

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has taken on a case by President Trump’s legal team, seeking to have hundreds of thousands of ballots in Democratic Dane and Milwaukee Counties thrown out, even after a circuit court judge dismissed the case Friday.

The latest suit is an attempt by the Trump campaign to stop the Electoral College vote Monday, an effort that seemed like another fruitless attempt when it was dismissed by the circuit court judge earlier in the day and after a string of cases that have been thrown out in lower and high courts throughout the country.

Oral arguments are set to begin Saturday, in an unusually quick turnaround as the state’s high court races against the clock.

Reserve Judge Stephen Simanek ruled against the argument Trump’s legal team made earlier in the day, alleging election officials in the two Democrat-led counties failed to follow state laws regarding absentee ballots.

The 2020 election was stolen in Wisconsin the morning after the election.


We heard from a Wisconsin Republican insider yesterday who shared with us that every Republican in the legislature believes that there was massive corruption in the 2020 election in Wisconsin.  If there is a vote in the Legislature this is good for the President if it comes down to a party line vote. 

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