Will You Get The Bill Gates Vaccine? The Results Are In….

Earlier today I asked if you are planning on getting the Bill Gates of Hell vaccine.

Here was the poll:

NATIONAL POLL: Do You Trust The Bill Gates Vaccine? Will You Be Getting It?

My answer was for sure a “no”.

I’m not a fan of vaccines in the first place, but damn sure not a vaccine with Luciferase in it that modifies your DNA!


As many of you emailed me, it’s not just “no” but “hell no!”

But I wasn’t entirely sure how the results would pan out.

I was kind of expecting about 50/50 based on all the media panic.

But boy was I wrong.

Over 2,200 of you have voted so far and I am so proud to announce these results:

97.7% of you said no!

This is so encouraging!

The media propaganda is not working!

Free thinking Americans are still thinking for themselves and they know this does not smell right.

Nothing about this is right.

God bless you all!

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