Watch: Joe Biden Refuses to Answer Question on Hunter Biden’s Investigation Says ‘I’m Proud of My Son’

Joe Biden said he is “proud of my son” in response to Friday questions about the newly-announced FBI investigation into Hunter Biden.

Biden made the statement following an event announcing several nominations for his upcoming cabinet. He ignored questions about the investigation throughout the event but offered the brief statement afterward. Hunter is currently being investigated for his “tax affairs” and possibly his dealings with Chinese businesses.

Hunter was under investigation well before Election Day, a fact Attorney General Bill Barr was reportedly aware of but did not reveal publicly. The revelation angered some Republicans on Capitol Hill who believe the news could have helped President Donald Trump’s election effort.

Trump himself expressed frustration with the DOJ’s decision not to come forward with the information.

“Why didn’t the Fake News Media, the FBI and the DOJ report the Biden matter BEFORE the Election. Oh well, it’s OK, we won the Election anyway – 75,000,000 VOTES!!!”

Hunter first announced he was under investigation in a public statement Wednesday.



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