Watch: Election Officials Demonstrate How Allegedly Dominion Machines Can Switch Votes, Fill Out Blank Ballots

Election officials from a small county in Georgia are arguing they can prove the much-maligned Dominion Voting Systems machines used in several battleground states during the 2020 election are fraught with security risks.

In a pair of videos posted on YouTube Wednesday, Coffee County elections supervisor Misty Martin appeared to demonstrate how, with relative ease, the machines can be used to wrongfully tabulate votes in a range of ways — such as to scan the same ballots multiple times, switch votes, or even fill out blank ballots.

“So there’s my blank ballot that I want to adjudicate, and I’m going to vote for Doug Collins … and I just counted that vote,” Martin said on the video, showing other election officials how someone could allegedly scan a blank ballot into the system and then proceed to fill it out in adjudication.

Earlier in the recording, Martin showed how a batch of ballots could allegedly be scanned through the system and accepted more than once. She also demonstrated how an election worker could view a filled-out ballot in adjudication and, from there, switch votes from one candidate to another.

At one point, the camera was taken outside of Martin’s office in order to demonstrate the perspective of a poll observer watching the process. The officials conclude that someone watching from that distance would not be able to adequately assess what was happening.

As the second video concludes, you can hear someone say, “It works fine for honest people … those who intend to do wrong, though … certainly can.”


In the videos, election officials do not allege that widespread fraud occurred in Coffee County, rather they point to the potential for fraud in any county where the Dominion voting machines were used.

It should be noted that officials in the video appeared to be running tests with the ballots and not actually counting them toward 2020 election totals. Whether the system has the same security settings for tests and official counts was not immediately clear.


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