EXCLUSIVE: Analysis of Votes in Illinois Makes No Sense – Indicates Election Fraud Occurred Across the Entire Country

Late last week we reported on an analysis performed by another brilliant mind on the Internet that revealed how votes were shifted from President Trump to Biden in the 2020 election. 

This Internet sleuth shared his results on Twitter.

An expert on twitter with the name @redpillx2 shared his results on Twitter on how the 2020 election was fixed for Joe Biden.  We agree with his overall thesis – that the major election fraud occurred in the data maintained and massaged within the voting system used for the 2020 election.

The election fraud in the 2020 campaign occurred across the country and it appears that 3rd Party candidates’ accounts were used in the big shift of votes from Trump and the 3rd party candidates to Biden within the system.

A couple days later another individual on the Internet shared his analysis showing the transfer of votes across precincts in Pennsylvania that complimented the @redpillx2 analysis reported above.

It’s Americans who are saving the day.  Sharp, bright, energetic patriots are standing up and tearing the Democrats’ fraud apart.

Today we follow up with a report from @redpillx2 where he attempted to show activity involving the 3rd party candidates that indicate fraud:


He performed further analysis on a number of states and in Illinois he shows that the election data was bizarre which suggests fraud in the Land of Lincoln.

The numbers in Illinois are massive – something very strange and unexpected is going on there especially with the weird stair step pattern:

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