“Bill Barr Should Have Stepped Up!” – President Trump Goes Off on Bill Barr over His Silence on Hunter Biden (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump spoke with Brian Kilmeade on Saturday in West Point, New York during his visit to the annual Army-Navy Football game.

During their conversation, Kilmeade asked President Trump about the DOJ investigation on Hunter Biden. This was hidden from the American public before the election.

President Trump WENT OFF on his Attorney General and his silence about this serious issue before the election.

President Trump: “Joe Biden lied on the debate stage, he said, “There’s nothing happening – nothing happening.” And Bill Barr should have stepped up… All he had to say is an investigation is going on… When you affect an election, Bill Barr, frankly, did the wrong thing.”

Brian Kilmeade defended AG Barr after the interview.

Via FOX and Friends Weekend:




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