Attorney Sidney Powell: “If That Is Not Big Enough For Justice Roberts To Take The Case, He Should Be Impeached,”

Sidney Powell tells Rush Limbaugh, that if the Chief Justice refuses to hear this case, amid growing evidence of voter fraud, then he should be impeached.

We have an intense developing story for you folks today

Attorney Powell is on the warpath

And quite frankly folks, I could not be any more proud that someone is willing to stand up for us and our country.

True patriots know that there is widespread evidence of outright voter fraud and “irregularities”

Whether it be the mysterious and widely reported “glitches”, the shady history of Dominion voting systems, or the dead miraculously coming back to life to vote, the evidence is all around us.

Check it out:


WND had the details here:

Steyn asked asked Powell if the justices will be “as eager to sweep it under the rug” as have establishment media, social media and Democrats.

“I don’t think so, Mark,” she replied. “I think the evidence is going to be so overwhelming, and I would warn any state right now that thinks they’re going to certify this election to rethink it very seriously. Because what they’re certifying is their own fraud and their own complicity in fraud.”

Steyn cautioned that it appears Chief Justice John Roberts has no appetite for getting involved in an election.

“If that isn’t big enough for him to take the case, he should be impeached,” she said.

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In an interview Sunday with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Powell said Trump “won by not just hundreds of thousands of votes, but by millions of votes that were shifted by this software that was designed expressly for that purpose.”

“We have sworn witness testimony of why the software was designed. It was designed to rig elections,” Powell said of the Smartmatic software in Dominion Voting Machines.

DJHJ Media has an excellent breakdown of the Kraken lawsuits here:

Sidney Powell is a high profile attorney who is filing court actions on behalf of numerous clients against three states, Nevada, Georgia and Michigan, as of this writing. The Nevada request was filed and granted by a judge for a  December court hearing allowing Powell 15 Depositions, and in Michigan and Georgia lawsuits were filed late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning, alleging widescale voter fraud from many different points of data.

Flashback to Nov. 16th when Powell said, “I would warn any state right now that thinks they’re going to certify this election to re-think it very seriously because what they’re certifying is their own fraud and their own complicity in fraud. I might even mount a class action suit later.”


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  1. I have left Fox news to get more reliable news on your site and others like it. Today when Fox bashed Maria Bartiromas terrific Trump interview that was the last straw. Please keep me informed with uncensored truth.

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