Antifa Seen Cowering Behind the Police Last Night in DC After Being Confronted by the Proud Boys

Washington DC police were protecting Antifa last night from the Proud boys.  Antifa has destroyed cities around the country this past year causing billions in damages and has been involved in multiple murders but when confronted they cower behind the police.

Yesterday in DC the Proud Boys showed up and attempted to visit BLM Plaza but Antifa was there.  Almost immediately Antifa was aggressively trying to attack the Proud Boys.  By evening, four Proud Boys had been stabbed.

One individual in DC attended the Jericho rally earlier in the day and watched General Michael Flynn’s motivating speech:

This same individual had a bird’s-eye-view of the Antifa related violence later in the evening.


The police were so relaxed around Antifa it appeared they might have worked together before:

Antifa then spotted the Brick House guy and began shining lasers at him. Later the streets were cleared as Antifa had separated from the Proud boys:

This was bizarre – after one of their own stabbed at least four people, Antifa appears to be cowering behind the police?

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