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      December 12, 2020

      Watch: Joe Biden Refuses to Answer Question on Hunter Biden’s Investigation Says ‘I’m Proud of My Son’

      Joe Biden said he is “proud of my son” in response to Friday questions about the newly-announced FBI investigation into…
      December 12, 2020

      Alaska is 19th State to Join Amicus Curiae States in Texas SCOTUS Lawsuit – Having Found Their Balls

      Alaska is the latest state to join the amicus curiae states in the Texas SCOTUS election lawsuit. Arizona was the…
      November 26, 2020

      Twitter Now Showing “Unsafe Link” Warning Messages for Sidney Powell’s Website — Blocks Americans from Seeing MASSIVE Voter Fraud

      On Thanksgiving eve Attorney Sidney Powell filed a 104 Page BOMBSHELL COMPLAINT on massive voter fraud in the Georgia election…
      November 28, 2020

      ‘On to SCOTUS!’ Trump Legal Team Declares After Key Appeals Court Decision

      The legal battle over the presidential election moved another step closer to its U.S. Supreme Court climax Friday after a…
      November 25, 2020

      Thousands in Georgia Registered at Postal, Commercial Addresses, Portraying Them as Residences, Researcher Says

      Thousands of people registered and voted in Georgia using addresses of postal facilities or businesses, but making it look like they were…


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